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Asociatia Culturalã Europea - Cultural Association Europea-Vaslui (Romania) is a non-profit NGO founded in 2005, with 150 members. By its Statute,the Association supports adults initiatives in fields like learning foreign languages, new technologies, theater and cinema, translations, cultural management, social assistance and ecology, in the frame of an institutional policy of promoting national cultural values for an adequate integration in the geopolitical and cultural European space.The Cultural Association Europea achieved projects and successful collaborations in 2006-2007: the project “Modern Trilogy” (3 plays in 3 European languages which participated at Festival d’Hiver 2006 in Paris and the Festival “Coup de théâtre”–Bucharest, April 2006 awarded with Jury’s Prize and the European Language Label 2006; a successful initiative was the organization of 8 editions of the National Translations Contest “Corneliu M. Popescu” with the support of many institutions - Embassy of France, School Inspectorate Vaslui, the House of Teaching Staff; in 2007, Europea implemented a project which marked the tightening of the relationship with the local and educational communities – the project Spreading of Cultural Values of Vaslui County in Europe”,co-financed by the County Council of Vaslui focused in retrieving regional cultural valuesl; it also accomplished the projects “Cinema&Theater Workshop 2006” and “Cinema Ethos”, co-financed by the Authority for Youth Vaslui. Another important project in 2007 was the setting up of “The Londoner Publishing House” for the young authors. Europea coordinated in 2008 the Youth in Action 1.2 projectA Jewish Inheritance Against Intolerance". Europea means also are 10 trainers, members of the Association,specialized in new technologies and modern languages with a reach experience in didactic websites design. Another successful project was the Grundtvig partnership NELPAE, coordinated by Europea, where we created the e-learning platform NELPAE-3 for adults learning modern languages. Due to its regional and recent international success in this field, Europea wants to promote new ways of teaching and training adults through intercultural strategies, at European stage according to its according to its competencies and capability.

Among the things we are very proud of, there is our participation as actors in two artistic movies of the Romanian acclaimed film director Corneliu Porumboiu - "A fost sau n-a fost?" (12:08 East of Bucharest) - 2006 (Caméra d'Or, Cannes Film Festival 2006) and "Politist. Adjectiv" (Police. Adjective) - 2009 (FIPRESCI Prize and Un Certain regard Prize - Cannes Film Festival 2009).