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Escola Basica 2, 3 de Vialonga (near Lisbon, Portugal), partner in the new project, with role of implementing the project at high-school and professional school for adults level, has almost 1000 students and is the only school in the region where this level of education is present. For that reason, because it leads the pupils and adults together through compulsory education, it is also coordinator school of a group of public schools that involve almost 2000 students. The population is a mixture of cultures with a very small native presence and a massive presence of several migrant groups coming from other parts of Portugal and from abroad. For that reason, the urban premises grew very much over the past 30 years, changing the rural town into a suburbia of Lisbon. In the past years, the population grew as a result of the increase of African immigration from the Portuguese former colonies and families from Eastern Europe, mostly people with very low income. These families face a great deal of difficulties involving themselves in the educational process. Therefore there is a considerable amount of students - almost 60%, in risk of school leaving for several diagnosed reasons but mostly because they don't feel fit and the families have no time to get involved with the school. The highly risk of leaving school is mostly related to non-academic achievement. In 70% of cases, families are poor. After identifying a need to fight the huge numbers of non-academic achievement, the school has decided to adapt a different approach to this reality. 3 different teaching and learning strategies for adult education – Alternative Curriculum Courses, Professional Courses and Functional Curriculum was adapted to the students’ characteristics. The active involvement in the European multilateral projects, especially in those treating of connections between the society and the school and linked to European dimension of education, is part of the school strategy to become more attractive and to offer various, new and useful competencies.

THESAURUS will create the learning environment to train the trainers in new methods, new language strategies and IT procedures, basically, to exploit the reach multicultural inheritance and to exchange experience at European level in the domain of adult education.