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ECDL Cyprus is a private organization seeking to improve and promote high standards among informatics professionals,in recognition of the impact that informatics has on employment,business,society as well as on the quality of life of the citizen. As structure of Computer Science and IT Professionals,ECDL Cyprus is engaged in a range of activities,expresses its views on behalf of its members to the National Authorities on IT strategic issues and engages in European and other projects by developing multistakeholder co-operations with the academic community, government, public, private and non-governmental organizations. Established in 2008 it ECDL Cyprus manages,by decision of the Cyprus Computer Society Board, the ECDL National Licensee, the ECDL tests in Cyprus. ECDL Cyprus is active in the organization of training events for the advancement of skills among ICT teachers and trainers, campaigns and competitions for raising awareness on the importance of ICT skills literacy&their importance for the quality of life of citizens. One main goal of ECDL Cyprus is to be the leading ICT skills certification body in Cyprus and contribute to the advancement of the Information Society and Knowledge in Cyprus by providing accessibility to digital literacy to all citizens.


- to be the main network of ICT Literacy enthusiasts in Cyprus;to raise awareness among the public ,the government, the enterprises and the society about the importance of ICT Skills Literacy and Competences;

- to promote the development of the Information society at all levels of the financial,professional and social activities in Cyprus through the promotion of ethics,digital literacy, skills, education and training, research and professionalism.

Concerning the relations with the community, ECDL Cyprus is affiliated with more than 150 test centers all over Cyprus, covering both city and rural areas which constitute a very active network.Main activities: management and organization of the ECDL tests in Cyprus; organization of training events for ECDL Test Centers, public and private, for the advancement of training skills of trainers in new ICT topics and areas;participates in the International Educational Fair organized by Cyprus Government; actively supports ICT Competitions; actively participates in EU initiatives. THESAURUS represents for ECDL Cyprus an excellent opportunity to represent the country and its cultural national values and, from the professional point of view, it's decisive for the improvement of the activities in IT field and language learning for Adult Education.