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Kastamonu Directorate for National Education is one of the 81 public educational institutes in Turkey. Our institute is responsible for planning and managing all types of educational activities in Kastamonu. It plans, programmes, conducts, follows and evaluates education and teaching arrangements related to teachers and students who attend schools. And it also opens preschool, primary education secondary education and every kind of formal and common education associations. The basic mission of Kastamonu Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü is managing and planning education for sixty thousand formal and informal students. Primary, secondary and vocational educational forms are arranged by Ministry of National Education in Turkish Republic and our directorate follows and conducts the processes of education. In addition, four thousand teachers and over three hundred schools and organizations are related with our directorate. There is a research and guidance center, a practice school, a work training center and eight private education centers within directorship. Also there is a research and development unit which is responsible for strategic planning and EU projects. Our unit has been executing two international projects. One of them is a Grundtvig project called “Nelpae” which is about e-learning. The other one is a Leonardo da Vinci project called ‘’Innovative Pathways for Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas”. Besides, our schools and organizations have various EU projects.