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The City of Zagreb and Zagreb County have a centuries - long traditions in handicraft. Craft Act, passed 1884th year, created the preconditions for organized activities of the crafts in the City of Zagreb. Among the events that are of particular importance to the craftsmen in Zagreb, it was the establishment of Handicraft Association in Zagreb in 1932, which worked closely with the Association of artisans in the City of Zagreb. In 1967, Association of Independent Craftsmen of Zagreb, was founded and has become the initiator of the Association of craftsmen in other parts of the Croatia. Udruženje obrtnika grada Zagreba (Association of Craftsmen Zagreb) is independent, professional and business organization of craftsmen, traders individuals and companies. Association initiates activities like vocational education and trainings for students (Law and legal regulations, Economy and Entrepreneurship, Safety at work, Working pedagogy, professional theoretical and practical classes for auto-professions, masseurs, hairdressers, beauticians etc.), organizes lectures and seminars for professional experts, preparations for masters exams, practices for students, participation and visits to craft fairs in the country and abroad. Special attention is focused on education of young craftsmen, along with close cooperation with vocational schools. Association represents the interests of about nine thousand of its members organized into 38 sections which are our Adult learners. This project is essential for the Udruženje obrtnika grada Zagreba as it develops the goals of the Association for preserving and spreading Croatian traditions in Europe, in order to better represent this newely member of the European Union as well as presenting Croatian language which is not so well-known in Europe.