Vaslui&Piatra-Neamt (Romania) project reunion

Vaslui&Piatra-Neamt (Romania) project reunion (6)

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a1) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion - ep 01 - 26-11-2013

a2) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion - ep 02 - 26-11-201 - Vaslui Prefecture 

a3) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion - ep 03 - 26-11-2013 - Vaslui City Hall

a4) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion - ep 04 - 26-11-2013 - Departmental Library

a5) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion-ep 05-27-11-13 - International Conference (1)

a6) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion-ep 06-27-11-13 - International Conference (2)

a7) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion-ep 07-27-11-13 Vaslui International Conference (3)

a8) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion-ep 08-27-11-13 Vaslui International Conference(4)

a9) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion-ep.09-28-11-13 Piatra-Neamt  

a10) [THESAURUS] Vaslui&Piatra Neamt 1st Project reunion-ep.10-28-11-13_EST_TV_Show  

a11) [THESAURUS] 1st Project reunion-ep.11-29-11-13 Practicum at Piatra-Neamt-Romania PART ONE  

a12) [THESAURUS] 1st Project reunion-ep.12-29-11-13 Practicum in Piatra-Neamt-Romania PART TWO  

a13) [THESAURUS] 1st Project reunion-ep.13-29-11-13 Practicum at Piatra-Neamt-Romania PART THREE 


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b1) [THESAURUS]_1_Painted_plates_Didactics_for_Practicum

 b2) [THESAURUS]_2_Pottery_Didactics_for_Practicum

b3) [THESAURUS]_3_Pies_Didactics_for_Practicum

b4) [THESAURUS]_4_Folk_Dances_for_Practicum

 b5) [Thesaurus-Grundtvig] Presentation movie - Vialonga-Portugal project partner

Provisional Timetable of the 1st Project Reunion Thesaurus

1) Monday, 25th of November 2013 - Arrival at Vaslui, informal meetings with coordinators.

2) Tuesday, 26th of November 2013 -

  • Meetings at City Hall of Vaslui with the Mayor; at Vaslui Department Prefecture with the Prefect;
  • Visiting Departmental Museum of Vaslui, ethnographic section especially;
  • Meeting with the Director of Departmental Central for Valorization of Folklore and Popular Arts.
  • In the evening: International Tea - every team will present national food, specific drinks etc.

3) Wednesday, 27th of November 2013 -

  • 1st International Conference THESAURUS,"Valorizing traditions through new training opportunities for adult learners" (CJRAE Building, Vaslui);
  • Press conference & TV Show; 

4) Thursday, 28th of November 2013 - moving to Piatra-Neamt;

  • Visiting Ethnographic and Folkloric Museums;
  • Press conference & TV Show;
  • Traditional Romanian Evening

 5) Friday, 29th of November 2013 -

  • Workshops day - International Practicum.
  • Evaluation of the reunion

6) Saturday, 30th of November 2013 - Departure day, from Piatra-Neamt.