August marked the end of the contractual period for our Grundtvig learning partnership "Thesaurus", but we continue to spread and to use the project's results, as we planned in the follow-up strategy.

Magister Educationis Association from Neamt - Romania will continue to organize courses on the LMS of the project applying Thesaurus original method. They also have published a new dissemination article in the September number of "Apostle" didactic magazine (and we included this magazine to the end of the article). They also continued the activity of the implementation Consortium and they succeeded to include Thesaurus courses in the 2015-2016 official catalog of CCD Neamt (House of Teaching Staff Neamt). Thesaurus will be also spread from now on in didactic meetings, scientific sessions, seminars and demonstrative activities.

The coordinator of the project, Cultural Association Europea from Vaslui - Romania presented the project in many pedagogic meetings at national level, in September 2015. The most important meetings were during the Annual session of Modern Languages School Inspectors which took place in Vaslui in 7-9 September 2015 period. Other happy news - one school "Anastasie Panu" from Husi town - Romania, wanted to start an English initial training course for adults, so they requested access to the LMS of the Thesaurus Partnership. We created usernames and passwords for the 30 trainees and for the 2 new trainers and we organize in 5-10 October 2015 the intensive training with the 2 new English language trainers, in order to start the training courses. We also started online courses with two foreign adult students who wanted to learn Romanian language as foreign language. 2 online training sessions will also start in October 2015 with teachers from "Mihail Kogãlniceanu" High School. In partnership with Departmental Library "Nicolae Milescu Spatarul", we will organize new courses for adults using the LMS and Thesaurus method and also, in partnership with School Inspectorate Vaslui and with French Embassy in Romania, we will provide new English and French language courses using Thesaurus LMS, especially for pre-primary school teachers, in 2015-2016.

So we are happy to see that our products are useful and continue to be used. "Thesaurus" continues!