We succeeded to make other versions of our final product - the Thesaurus Methodology and we offer them to you for free, to watch and use online or to download them on your computer. We also collected all the videos of the Methodology in a playing list which is also offered to you bellow:

  • Thesaurus Youtube PlayList
  • Flash edition of the Thesaurus Methodology: an online version of the e-book, which is also an audio-book.
  • Downloadable edition of the Thesaurus Methodology: after downloading it, you have to unzip the archive first in a new folder (use Winzip, &zip or any other compressing software). Then after, click on the *exe file from the new folder and you will be able to watch the contents of the Methodology on your screen. You can write the contents of the new folder also on a CD, it contains an "auto-run" instruction which will permit to you newly created CD to play the Methodology by itself. Good luck and feel free to use this Methodology!