This period in Thesaurus Grundtvig partnership is marked by the creative effort of turning the documentaries, pictures, presentations and other informative materials produced during the (almost) 2 years of the project, into learning objects, integrated into the project’s Learning Management System (LMS). More precisely, following a proposed Methodology, we will work conjointly or in the frame of the national projet teams for getting items for fixing and evaluating different skills (linked to traditions, language comprehension, vocabulary) in English and French.

These days, we also finished the editing of the documentary episodes concerning all aspects of the past project reunions from Cyprus and Turkey (in English) and we also prepared 4 documentary movies for the French language course. You can discover all these films (21 episodes) and the correspondent 3 movie lists on this special page of our project.

A special software with Romanian traditions (1st part, dedicated to popular tissues), always with didactic purposes, is also prepared, in Flash programming language, in English version with audio background. It is ready now, you can use it from HERE and feel inspired to create yourselves new issues for Thesaurus project!

During the project reunion from Vialonga (14-20.04.15), more precisely the 15th of April, the project coordinator will open the activities through an online conference, as he couldn't physically participate to this meeting. It is also a very new approach (including from technical point of view) and it will involve an online transmission and recording through Youtube of the event. Of course, the recorded version will be put online and you will discover it here, on our main info site of the project but also on the launched blogs of the partners

In the meantime, the International Symposium for Intergenerational Education of Vaslui/Romania (the 1st edition) will be organized on 24th of April. The partners in the project already sent their scientific papers, together with their video-recorded presentations. Always novelty from scientific and technological perspective! We will keep you informed about these new developments of our partnership for adult education!

Good luck, Thesaurus!