September and October are months with a very big amount of work in our Grundtvig Learning Partnership. Until November, we need to prepare almost everything in order to be able to launch the Call for courses intended to adult trainees, in the majority of the involved institutions. That's why, in September and October:

- first of all, every institution from this partnership has to rebuilt its project team conforming to the realities and to its interests for the second project year; all the changes should be mentioned in official documents that have to be kept in the respective institution's archives;

- we continue to realize the course supports for languages and other subjects (depending on the interests of every institution);

- we will edit the documentaries of the project filmed during the project reunions from Kastamonu and Larnaca, focusing on the creation of didactic material that we will integrate to the joint English language course, final product of our project; until now, we realized gorgeous voice recordings with Paula and Antonis and we have selected the text and the video materials for every episode;

- we will organize 2 project Practicum sessions, using the Hangouts system;

- we will participate to 2 or 3 webinars, online scientific conferences organized by Jürgen Wagner (Pedagogic Institute of Saarbrücken - Germany) having as subject teaching languages with new technologies and new strategies for teaching the grammar.

- we will organize local/regional press events (conferences, meetings with journalists, interviews), in order to announce the courses for adult trainees and to spread the results got until now in the "Thesaurus" Grundtvig Learning Partnership.