After the 3rd international project reunion, a very successful meeting that took place in Cyprus, hosted by ECDL, the Cypriot project partner, it's about time now, in July-August and beginning of September, to work hard on the project's applications, on the most relevant pictures for the project's galleries, on the documentary movies made in Turkey and Cyprus, on the course supports implemented in the LMS system and on the possibility to create derivative applications which could be used for tablets and smartphones... the advancement of the communication milieus almost obliges us to search for new ways for creating a friendly e-learning environment for adult trainees.

Just few days of holidays for each one of "Thesaurus" team and... back to work! We will also continue our training of trainers using the Online Conferences system and we will participate to online webinars for increasing their ICT skills and their capacity to correlate training adults for languages with providing information about folklore and using IT elements.

It is also time to reflect on a media strategy for enrollment of the future adult trainees who will participate in the 2nd year of the project to the training courses issued from the project. This strategy will be adapted to the specific of every institution and country.

I wish you all a nice summertime and a very good new Thesaurus project year!