Thesaurus-Treasury for Adult Education is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership implemented during 2013-2015, which has as main objective to promote intercultural European adult education on the basis of language learning and new


The main products of Thesaurus Grundtvig Learning Partenrship are:

1) the methodology of teaching traditions as occupational prophylactic therapies for adults,in English and national languages versions;

2) the practical course supports for adults,valorizing traditions, with demonstrations,multimedia presentations and linguistic component – every course will be taught in English (A2-B1-B2 levels) and national language as foreign language(A1-A2level);

3) an original open-source software containing the course supports;

4) a second opensource software – a Thesaurus with vocabulary used in projects' courses;

5) a special website;

6) a documentary movie with many episodes about the realization of the project;

7) an online TV series with episodes decribing every new skill learned;

8) a series of blogs edited by every institution.

The project products will be realized in conjoint activities supervised by Coordinator:

- 2 international seminars

- practical courses

- international workshops during project meetings

- 12 web-conferences.